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Staying in Vogue: 8 Kitchen Cabinet Ideas and Trends Your Clients Will Love

The kitchen remains the most preferred room for homeowners considering a remodel. Budgets for a kitchen remodel have increased over 27% within the last year. This makes it essential for builders, designers, and contractors to stay on top of the latest trends in kitchen design.

Kitchen cabinetry is a top design factor during a remodel, as it sets the stage for the entire space while offering function and style.

So, which designs, finishes, and styles top the list this year? Read on for eight creative kitchen cabinet ideas that are sure to impress your clients.  

1. Shaker Style in Different Shades

Shaker cabinets continue to be a top style, offering a simple sophisticated design. They enhance kitchen designs from modern farmhouse to country chic.

All-white cabinetry offers a timeless and elegant look. It’s one that works with virtually any style of home. Yet, many designers are noticing a trend toward new color palettes.

This includes soft neutral colors, like grays and beiges. You’ll also find colors inspired by nature, like blues and greens.

Darker colored cabinets are also trending, in dark grey, blue, green, and black. They pair well with light countertops and backsplashes to make a design statement. Many homeowners are also opting for custom colors for a one-of-a-kind look.

2. Bolder Hardware Choices

More kitchens are leaning towards hardware finishes that make a design statement. Gold and brass continue to be popular finishes for making cabinets pop.

Gunmetal and pewter are also getting used to help add contrast. Homeowners can also enhance both colored and white kitchen cabinets with simple matte black hardware.

Kitchens of all styles use hardware to create a unique vintage vibe. This offers a gorgeous alternative to the standard simple and sleek options. Newer kitchen designs are also featuring cutouts and inset handles for cabinetry.

3. All About Oak Finishes

Around 25% of homeowners opt for a natural wood finish in their kitchen. Oak is a popular and versatile choice for adding texture and charm to the kitchen space.

Kitchens feature different stains and styles for a custom look. Popular stains include French roast, dove grey, and buckskin. Oak cabinets are also showing up unstained and unfinished, for a more raw style. 

Oak also looks stylish and natural for built-in islands and range hoods. The graining adds a nice texture and complements most countertop and flooring materials. 

Oak can also get painted to the client’s color of choice. This creates a nice color palette to enhance other elements within the kitchen. 

4. Bright Workspaces

The right light is essential for the ambiance and functionality of any kitchen. LED under cabinet lighting makes it easier to meal prep and perform other tasks in the kitchen. It also works to showcase the beauty and detail of kitchen cabinet designs. 

LED lights are discreet and give off little to no heat. They also use 75% less energy than standard bulbs and last much longer. Under-cabinet lighting also helps to increase visibility for nighttime lighting. 

5. More Than One Color or Style of Cabinets

Mixing and matching kitchen cabinet colors offer a stylish two-toned effect. The idea is to feature cabinets in one color. Then use a different color for the kitchen island. 

Using different complementing colors for the top and bottom cabinets also create a unique effect. Another option is to feature open shelving instead of upper cabinets. Then you can incorporate a pop of color for bottom cabinets.

A natural wood finish combined with painted cabinets is another idea. You can also mix and match different style doors for upper and lower levels.   

This effect works well when using glass-front panels on upper-level cabinets. This allows the homeowner to see inside the cabinets.

They can neatly display their favorite dishes and glassware within their glass cabinets. This look adds contrast and dimension while boosting storage space in the kitchen. 

6. A Multi-Functional Island

A kitchen island creates a focal point in the kitchen, anchoring the space. It also gets used for prepping food and as an extra dining space. 

Yet, a multi-functional island will offer ample storage space. This can get done with the right combination of doors and drawers on the island. A larger designed island can also offer even more storage and seating space. 

Deeper drawers make it easier to store kitchen accessories and access them. Island design details like feet and free-standing features are also trending. This idea works well for when the client is okay with forgoing a sink on their island.  

X-panels designs are another way to enhance the kitchen island. These create a nice farmhouse flair in a wood finish. 

7. Cabinets That Boast a Clutter-Free Space

Modern kitchen cabinets are all about convenient storage options. These specialty cabinets feature hidden storage to keep clutter off of countertops. 

Pullout features in cabinets make it easy to access appliances. They also work to keep appliances and other kitchenware out of sight when not in use.

Sliding cabinets can also get used for pots, pans, and baking sheets. Spices and dry ingredients can also have a designated spot with pull-out cabinets. 

Custom drawer inserts also boost organization in the kitchen. Cabinets can also conceal trash and recycle bins for a neater space. Floor to ceiling cabinet designs offers another way to provide extra storage space. 

8. Discreet Yet Detailed Pantry Designs

Pantries that blend into the existing cabinet design offer a seamless look. They resemble a classic cabinet from the outside. Yet, boast tons of storage space with a walk-in pantry design. 

The inside of the cabinet can feature storage options for maximizing organization. This helps to reduce clutter and disorganization in the kitchen space. 

The refrigerator is another appliance that can get blend into your cabinet design. This custom feature for built-in appliances creates a simple yet elegant aesthetic. 

More Inspiration for Creative Kitchen Cabinet Ideas

These creative kitchen cabinet ideas are sure to impress any client considering a remodel. These cabinet designs help to boost function and style for any new kitchen design. 

Looking for more inspiration on the latest in kitchen and bathroom cabinetry? Contact The Pro Gallery or tour our showroom for more ideas.