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9 Outdoor Patio Designs to Fit Every Client's Style

There are many improvements that can be done to your client’s backyard that will not only make it a cozy space but also add curb appeal and increase market value. A particularly lucrative investment that you could talk to your client about is patio design plans. A patio offers the homeowner a multipurpose outdoor space that they may use to relax, dine and spend time outside with their family and friends. 

Despite all the obvious benefits of having an outdoor patio, most homeowners are reluctant to set up an outdoor relaxation area due to cost concerns. In reality, there are many patio designs that cost much less to build than you may think

Factors to Consider When Planning Patio Designs

If your client is playing around with several different options or need advice, here are the main things to consider when looking at outdoor patio designs: 

  • What will the patio be used for? Is the patio a place to lounge or a dining area? If the client wants to entertain, you may want to integrate outdoor cooking space. 
  • Is there a great view? If your client is lucky enough to have a view, then you will want to maximize it by building the patio where they can take full advantage. 
  • Is the construction site level? If your client is on a tight budget, it helps if the place they choose to build their patio is already level as it will help to lower the overall cost.  
  • Is a building permit required? building and construction permit may be required in some jurisdictions to make sure that all the work you do is in compliance with local codes. 

Small Outdoor Patio Ideas

Whether your client has an expansive garden or a small deck, the tips in the guide below will help them create a comfortable outdoor area for their family and friends to enjoy. Here are some great small outdoor patio ideas:

1. A Romantic Bench

You can set a romantic, private garden mood by tucking away a little loveseat under a canopy of trees. Bonus points for matching a loveseat fabric with flowers that climb up the façade of the home.

2. All White Outdoor Patio Surfaces

An all-time favorite, the all-white patio will keep the area cool during warm weather. All-white also provides a striking contrast to flowers and greenery. Adorning a pergola with string lights and adding a long dining table makes this the ideal place for your client to entertain during the hot summer months.

3. Playful Colored Tile

Bright tile and classic wooden decking provide a striking contrast for the patio. A splash of color from tile will bring joy to the outdoor space while wood gives it an undeniable warmth. 

4. A Bistro-Style Nook

If your client’s patio is on the smaller side, set up a small space where they can enjoy a nightcap or cup of coffee with their morning paper. With a built-in bench, unexpected table and chairs, you can add a unique sense of style.

5. Display Vintage Furniture

Does your client have a few pieces of whimsical antique furniture? Why not show them off to guests on the patio instead of hiding them in the house? Vintage furniture can provide plentiful seating, and adding stone accents, a hammock and lush plants give a homey vibe.

6. Garden Shed

If your client’s patio backs up to their gardening shed, you can complement their outdoor nook by adorning it with an assortment of beach chairs and a collection of galvanized pots. You could also lay stone paving to ramp up the outdoor patio design.

7. Daybed with a Canopy

Outdoor daybeds look great anywhere, but they add a unique design element to outdoor relaxation areas. A canopied daybed is excellent for casual outdoor lounging and adding an area rug to anchor the look gives a room-like atmosphere.

8. Dramatic Swinging Chairs

Whether used for fun or for relaxation, many families make their memories around their garden swing, so why not make it a fixture of your client’s outdoor patio? Backyard swings are available in a range of styles, from wooden porch sofas and rope seats to cozy cushioned chairs. They’re not only relaxing but are more intriguing than traditional seating. For large patios, the “wow” factor can be boosted by playing with scale and proportion.

9. Outdoor Bar

Your client can make the most of hot summer days by sipping a refreshing beverage at an outdoor bar. It’s a versatile choice because it can be built as a simple popup or a permanent structure that ties in with the home’s exterior décor. A tile-covered design with hanging string lights gives a summery and romantic vibe. An outdoor bar is even better if integrated with an outdoor kitchen.

No Matter the Patio Design, Contact the Experts for Your Construction Materials

Help your clients make a big impression on family, friends, guests and possible buyers with outdoor patio designs that showcase quality building materials from the specialists. 

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