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Crown Molding That Will Make You Want to Remodel

Small details can make a significant improvement to a home and its value.

From the color and style of appliances to the molding you choose for someone’s home, these little details add character and style.

One especially practical way to add character to a home is with crown molding.

Crown molding can tie together the overall design, break up the monotony, and draw the eye up, adding height and depth.

Want to know more about how crown molding can add warmth to a home with just a little bit of work? Keep reading for background information on crown molding, some before and after inspiration, and how to choose crown molding for a home.

What Is Crown Molding?

Crown molding is a molding that is used specifically on the ceiling. Molding can refer to any type of interior molds, but crown molding is a unique category of interior remodeling. 

Not just decorative, crown molding originally served a purpose in homes. It was used to cover gaps between the walls and ceiling where various types of building materials meet. With improvements in home construction over time, crown molding is now primarily used for decorative purposes. 

Crown molding can be made from a few different materials:

  • Composite
  • Metal
  • Plaster
  • Wood

Composite is the easiest to install and is a lightweight alternative to plaster. Wood is easier to install than plaster, but it’s much harder to create intricate, repeatable designs on wood. 

Crown Molding Before and After Ideas

Crown Molding examples - Moulding in Harrisburg PA
We know it can be a bit overwhelming to start looking at ideas for a new project – your clients may or may not have an idea of what they want. That’s why we put together a few crown molding before and after ideas to help you get started.

1. Choose Molding That is Period Appropriate. 

You’re remodeling a midcentury home. What style of crown molding do you want to choose? What color do you paint it? Choosing crown molding appropriate for the style of a home will not only keep the style consistent, but it’s a selling point if your clients decide to put their home on the market.

2. Extend Molding Along the Ceiling for a Unique Effect. 

In rooms with ceilings lower than eight feet, crown molding should extend further along the ceiling than it does along the wall. This special technique will help give the appearance of more room in a small place, and it’s a unique bit of character to add to a room.

3. Use Color to Highlight Crown Molding.

You don’t have to stick with white crown molding. Color can bring out the intricacy of some crown molding, or it can turn a simple crown mold into fun inspiration and make it truly a piece of décor. 

4. Place Molding Above Kitchen Cabinets.

To really make a room pop and feel grand, take crown molding from the top of the upper kitchen cabinets and extend it all the way up and out, so it fully covers the space between the cabinets and the ceiling. This will make a kitchen appear larger than life.

5. Try a Minimalist Approach to Crown Molding.

In some homes, bigger may not be better. Moreover, some of your clients may prefer a more sleek look, so consider crown molding that is thin and barely protrudes from the wall. Alternatively, use crown molding that is thin and just barely creates a divide in the room.

How to Choose Crown Molding for a Home

With so many styles, colors, and materials to choose from, it can be tough choosing the right crown molding for a home. We put together some tips on how to choose the best crown molding for a home and your client’s budget:

  • Color: It may be tempting to paint crown molding the same color as the walls, but it can break up space if you choose a complementary color to paint them. Paint crown molding the same color as the rest of the trim for a cohesive look.
  • Material: With a few different choices for material, crown molding can have any combination of aesthetics. Do your clients want a rich wood crown molding, or would they rather choose a modern metal crown molding?  
  • Size: Depending on how big a room is, crown molding can either be small and unassuming, or it can be grandiose and elegant. Smaller rooms typically have narrower crown molding, but this isn’t a rule. 
  • Style: Do your clients like simple styles with clean lines and smooth surfaces, or would they prefer something a little more eclectic? Are you trying to match the historical era of a home’s construction, or are you trying to create something new and uncommon? 

Choosing the right crown molding ideas for a home is a delicate process – you want something at the crossroads of your client’s budget and time constraints without sacrificing style. 

Is Crown Molding Outdated?

Absolutely not – it’s a relatively inexpensive way to add a fresh look to any room. Done correctly, crown molding can draw the eye up towards the ceiling and create height in a room. It can create depth when painted a complementary color from the walls, and it gives a room a polished look without a significant remodeling project. 

Crown molding is an excellent way to breathe life into a room. Use it to create a room that is full of character and charm.

Interested in how crown molding can brighten up space? Contact The Pro Gallery to see how we connect contractors and designers with homeowners in the Harrisburg area.