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4 Brilliant Split-Level Interior Remodeling Ideas to Bring Your Home to Life

Are you planning a split level remodel? If you are looking for how to modernize a split level home interior while preserving the integrity of the building’s original construction or gut the space to design a more modern layout, we have some great remodeling ideas that will bring your home to life.

Split level house

How to Modernize a Split Level Home Interior

A split level home has a unique floor plan that can be a challenge if you plan to make major changes when renovating. However, if you have a plan, it is possible to transform a 1950s design into a modern, friendly living space.

1. Add Recessed Lighting

Appropriate lighting is a major part of modern design. While the type of dramatic lighting you see in magazines produces great photographs, in reality, it makes for sterile, soulless and impractical interiors. You need to strike a balance between the theatrical and the minimalist elements in a split-level remodel. This balance is what makes recessed lighting such a good choice for contemporary homes that have clean, well-defined interior design.

Also known as can lights, recessed lighting is an excellent addition to modern ergonomic kitchens since it offers both focused illumination and ambient lighting. What’s more, since the kitchen is the one room where functionality always trumps form or elegance, it is ideal for recessed lights.

When recessed lighting is installed, you can highlight the best features of different rooms while the lights themselves stay hidden without distracting from the main features of your split level house remodel.

2. Install a Skylight

Installing skylights in your living room adds a new dimension to the entire house. While skylights come with a whole host of benefits – both functional, economic and aesthetic – when used in remodeling, they are all about giving your home the best possible look. Skylights allow warm, natural hues to radiate throughout the room, making it much more inviting to everyone who walks in.

What’s more, modern design principles pretty much dictate that a home should have beautiful and smart ventilation and lighting. Skylights are a subtle but modern addition that will change the entire feel of a split level house.

Skylights allow natural light to illuminate dark corners within the house, so you do not have to depend on electric lighting during daylight hours. These fixtures are also great at regulating the internal temperature within the structure, thus helping to cut down on energy bills.

3. Replace Old Windows or Add New Ones

Although windows look simple, they have a significant impact on the way the entire house feels. Additionally, since energy mostly enters and leaves a building through the windows, they greatly impact the climate within the home. Windows also provide rooms with natural lighting, making them more comfortable.

When looking for how to modernize a split level home interior, one of the most striking changes you can make is to replace old-styled windows. Besides the change in how the house looks, there are other advantages to new windows. Many new models are made with a protective coating or other elements that stop heat from being transferred through the panes. 

Additionally, the build quality will determine how much light it lets into the home, with new window models generally providing better results than older designs. Some of this is the result of newer materials available to manufacturers, but there is also the simple fact that older windows can get damaged over time, reducing their effectiveness. 

Finding a trusted supplier will help you plan for an upgrade to your windows and offer you a choice of replacement windows from leading manufacturers.

4. Tear Down Interior Walls

The open plan living area is a trend that is continues to dominate modern interior design. However, period homes, including many split level houses, can be a warren of fully separated rooms that give them a claustrophobic, old-fashioned feel. However, an increasing number of older properties are now being adapted through split level open floor plan remodel where interior walls are removed as large, airy spaces become more desirable.

Of course, you should still keep the structural implications in mind. Remember that it may not be obvious if a wall serves a structural function, so you should consult a structural engineer before taking on such a project.

Do You Want To Modernize Your Split Level Home?

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