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How Home Contractors Can Present Remodeling as a Long-Term Investment

Remodeling, for homeowners, is more than an investment in the property. It is an investment in memorable moments, stability and community roots for the homeowner and the family. Home contractors can present remodeling to a client as a long-term investment in both their home and well-being.
Construction Contractor for Home Remodeling

The Home

The biggest financial investment most families make over the course of their lives is, in fact, the purchase of their home. People usually spend more time in the house than in any other place. Making sure it is a comfortable and functional space is likely to boost overall happiness as well as the quality of life in individuals and families.

There are several reasons why your customers contact residential home contractors to collaborate on a remodel of their home. The main reasons are usually improving the appearance of a space, increasing the property value and improving overall energy efficiency.

But what about presenting remodeling as a long-term investment in the individual or family’s home is the most important commodity? Time.

When changing outdated single-pane windows to energy-efficient windows, your client is investing in energy savings for the home, but they are also investing in their own time and comfort as well.

Adding a deck isn’t investing just for the sake of value, it is investing in time well spent outdoors with family or de-stressing after a long day.

A new kitchen remodel – complete with island – is a smart investment that aligns with the current seller’s market, but it is also an investment in the time spent gathered in conversation or in celebration of the food prepared in the kitchen.

Windows and Doors

Windows protect a home from the elements, let natural light shine in and provide beautiful views of the outdoors. Most importantly, they assure energy efficiency in the home which is crucial in keeping a balanced energy bill. The maintenance of windows is as important as exterior maintenance like siding and the roof.

Upgrading windows will often enhance the exterior beauty of the home but the overall savings in energy costs will be the real reward in this instance of long-term investment probability.

As one of the first features visitors notice, exterior doors are usually chosen to compliment the style of a house. Sticking, rust or drafts that can become problematic as doors age will also put buyers in the market for a remodel to improve energy costs.

Aside from the money conserved, the overall time saved from repairing leaks in either a home’s windows or doors rather than replacing these old elements in the home can be better spent on something much more enjoyable.

Kitchen and Bathroom

Kitchen and bathroom remodeling projects are the most popular because these are the most likely to add significant value to the home. Financially savvy homeowners showcasing new kitchens and baths will likely sell faster and return more profit.

The kitchen is often referred to as the “heart” of the home. It is where family and friends gather for holidays and parties. It is where memories are made. 

An open-concept space combining the kitchen and family room area, new countertops and cabinetry and energy-efficient appliances are just a few of the focus projects homeowners are seeking to save money and to save time.

Remodeling the bathroom also gives your clients the opportunity to save energy and money by installing energy-efficient items that save water and heat. It is likely to increase the value of the home and provide a healthy return on their investment in the remodel project, but it also gives homeowners the chance to relax and unwind in a luxurious space to refresh and enjoy well-deserved downtime after a stressful day.

The Deck

An added deck makes outdoor living fun and functional. From a relaxing weekend with family to a late-night celebration, a deck is a perfect way for your client to add a versatile and comfortable area for breathing room. By extending your client’s living and entertaining space with a deck, you can offer the homeowner a peaceful haven to escape their stress. 

With focus shifting more and more to the time spent outdoors, there are now more choices than ever when it comes to quality decking materials. Decks enhance curb appeal and certainly offer a return in value so there is no questioning the financial long-term investment benefits of this addition. However, it is the time spent enjoying the deck that is the real ROI.

The Showroom

At The Pro Gallery, a showroom like no other in the Harrisburg, PA area, you and your customer can tour over 7,000 square feet of remodeling ideas in real-life applications. Everything has been carefully chosen so high-quality products can be experienced as they were meant to be when installing in residential construction projects.

After touring the full-size kitchen and bath displays, fully built deck and functioning window and door samples, you can meet with your client in one of the two conference rooms to discuss all the ways you can create a remodeling project for a long-term investment in their home and in their time.

The long-term investment value of a specialty remodel should be presented to your client as more than just an investment in the physical property. Money spent on improvements is money invested not only in the property itself but in the well-being of the family that occupies the home.

Make a reservation for you and your client at The Pro Gallery’s premier showroom in Central, PA and guide your customer to their dream home.