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5 Exterior Design Trends You Need to Benchmark From

Curb appeal goes up instantly with great home exterior design. 

If you own a construction business specializing in outdoor home remodeling, this fact likely helps you land a steady stream of contracts. 

What does it mean to benchmark from current exterior home design styles? It is to study them with the intent of improving. It is not enough to be familiar with the popular designs that influence modern homeowners’ exterior remodeling ideas. To stand out, you need to offer more.

Combining Classic Styles with Current Exterior Design Trends

Flawless execution of forward-thinking renovations is expected, but it’s worth suggesting to clients that it doesn’t hurt to temper trendiness with evergreen themes. Trends can come and go and investing heavily in one may hurt resale value if they are looking to sell their property eventually.

The best way to include modern design ideas, especially those that can read as too extreme, is to not go all in. As a contractor, you may suggest the use of reliable standards like neutral colors and simple trims to complement trendy components that can dominate homeowner-planned outdoor remodeling projects.

Versatile and Modern Exterior Home Design Styles

Not all current outdoor home designs have the potential to work well with classic styles. Below is a list of modern but adaptable themes you can apply to your next exterior remodeling project.

1. A Textured Mix of Durable and Low Maintenance Components

Young home buyers and homeowners don’t want to deal with constant upkeep. Repainting, re-staining, replacing – if any of this needs doing less than a decade from when an outdoor renovation is built, it’s not low maintenance. 

A textured combination of varied durable and sustainable materials results in projects that are both functional and full of personality. Steel, stone and composite are sought-after options.

Wood has been a standard deck and siding material for decades, but the kind that’s in vogue today isn’t as prone to mold and rot. There is thermally modified wood, which is chemical-free, decay-resistant and dimensionally stable. Surface charred wood using the Japanese shou sugi ban preservation and waterproofing technique is also in demand.  

Textural interest can also come from an unconventional design, such as vertical instead of horizontal siding. This trick can also make small homes appear bigger and taller from the outside.

2. Dramatic, Dark-Colored Siding and Exterior Paint

The look is accomplished with dark and cool tones. Navy is a favorite and going even darker is no longer an unusual choice. This ties in with the trend of durability, as thermally modified and surface charred wood both come in black. Dusky shades of metal and slate gray stone can also make an appearance. 

Suggest this style for colonial homes with brick siding, as these structures will benefit from a minor exterior refurbishment of dark or black paint. The architectural style was typically paired with deeper shades during its heyday. 

3. Luxurious and Spa-Like Outdoor Areas

Beneficial and relatively simple to do, exterior remodeling projects focusing on adding a sense of luxury to a home are quite popular. Consult with homeowners that come to you with their plans for a front porch or deck with a pool or pond. They may be surprised at how easy it is to expand on that core idea to achieve a more spa-like feel.

Adding Timbertech decking around a pool is a perfect way to enhance the look of your pool while providing a durable surface.

On a tight budget, you can propose more greenery or landscaping, and wood furniture to match wood decking. If the client is open to more significant additions, you can propose one or two porch swings or a pergola over a deck or patio. 

4. Seamless Indoor-Outdoor Living Spaces

Whereas luxury and relaxation are par for the course for high-end exterior design, truly utilizing the outdoor portion of residential property as a living space is not so typical. It’s a new development that is gaining traction. A recent American Institute of Architects Home Design Trends Survey from 2018 pointed to outdoor living spaces as being the most popular special function area in a house.

In particular, a rising trend in modern homes is blurring indoor and outdoor living experiences by creating a seamless transition from inside the home to outdoor back areas. This may be accomplished by opening up the kitchen with large doorways or window walls and extending the seating area to the patio or deck.

With this sort of exterior design, you may advise your client to dress the space with high-quality and durable outdoor rugs and furniture. 

Additions that will fit into this rather ambitious exterior remodeling project include expanded patio or deck floor areas, fire pits, outdoor fireplaces, and delegated spaces for big-screen outdoor TVs. 

Expanding the living area outdoors seamlessly

5. The Modern Farmhouse Style

This old architectural style with a modern twist started showing up in the last few years as mostly an interior design influence, but it’s a well-received exterior design choice, as well. A modern farmhouse may feature all dark siding, blending two current exterior home design styles, or may double down on the farmhouse feel with board-and-batten siding. Modern accents can include industrial fixtures or dark hues for the roof or gable trim.

A great exterior remodeling project for an existing modern farmhouse is an addition of a spacious and functional front porch. Suggest adding with smart lights in rustic-looking fixtures for a contemporary but updated touch.

Plan a Custom Exterior Remodeling Project with Your Client

Your clients may find new inspiration by looking at the newest and latest remodeling designs. Encourage a healthy exchange of ideas and open communication lines by accompanying them and exploring The Pro Gallery’s beautiful showroom in Middletown, PA.

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