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Your Guide to Marketing Specialty Remodeling to First-Time Customers

A home is more than a structure. It’s the place where life happens and memories that will last a lifetime are made. As a contractor, you know home remodeling will add to the design and functionality of your client’s home, as well as increase the value of the property. But how do you market that knowledge to your first-time customer?

First Things First: Starting a Specialty Remodel

Whether you are a home contractor focusing on residential interior, exterior, or specialty remodeling, the first thing you have to do is identify the needs and wants of your client.

Is your client interested in raising the value of their residential property for sales potential in the near future, or are they looking to upgrade the heart of their home – the kitchen – before the upcoming holidays? Perhaps they want to replace all of the old single-pane windows with new energy-efficient windows to save on the rising cooling and heating costs in their area. Or maybe the homeowner wants to finally build that big backyard deck they have been dreaming about for years.

Veterans of home remodeling projects will likely have a clear idea of what they want and how to get there while first-time customers might feel intimidated and need some extra guidance.   

As a contractor, you can use your knowledge and specialized expertise to adapt to the exact desires of the customer. Many residential clients want a home contractor who will go in-depth regarding the details of the construction project, from start to finish. Some will focus primarily on the aesthetics as the measurement for the success of the remodel. 

Does your client have a collaborative spirit or are they more comfortable hearing your ideas? 

Everything from the client’s reason for remodeling to how involved they wish to be in the process is important when marketing specialty remodeling to homeowners – for both old and newer homes. Your ability to accurately understand what the client is seeking is the key to deciding which way to market to them individually for the best results. 

Marketing: More Than Materials

Marketing for Contractors

Marketing is how you promote your company and the services you provide. It is the strategic plan you use to create relationships with your customers. In construction, it is critical to the long-term growth and the success of your business.

Overall, general marketing strategies will apply to every client:

  • Branding – Everything from your website to your business cards gives credibility to your business name. Be fluent in your branding on all marketing materials like banners, car magnets, and billboards. Make sure any materials you leave with your potential clients (quotes, paper folders, invoices) have your logo and contact information.
  • Online Presence – No matter who you are marketing to, chances are they spend a lot of time online. Social Media, industry-specific directories, and community websites will get your business’s name in circulation. Add your business to search engines and business review sites. The more often your business name is seen, the more relevant it becomes.
  • Be Specific in Advertisements – Avoid the urge to list everything you can do and instead focus on a few mastery skills per advertisement.
  • Build Relationships in the Industry – Referrals from customers are always sought after (and certainly appreciated) but building relationships with non-competitors within the construction industry is a great way to access a wider circle and receive more lucrative referrals throughout the year.

When focusing primarily on the marketing strategy for specialty remodeling: 

  • The Individual – What does the individual want from the remodel and what specialty additions can you suggest that will complement their preferences?  
  • Financial Reward – Remodeling can be the start of a long-term investment in the property. What are the financial benefits to this precise customer?
  • Memorable Moments – Focus on the impact of the final project (large family gatherings in the new kitchen or summer fun on the new deck) so your client can attach an emotion to the idea of their remodel.
  • Visual Displays – Immerse your customer in the plans of their remodel with as many visual examples as possible.

Seeing is Believing in Specialty Remodeling

Remodeling Showroom at The Pro Gallery

In Harrisburg, PA, The Pro Gallery Showroom has functioning windows and doors with an impressive full-size kitchen and bath displays enabling your client to envision their own remodeled space. 

As your clients tour the showroom, they can touch the designs and feel the quality of the cabinetry for the kitchen or bath of their dreams. They can stand on a fully built deck that showcases all the materials available from the manufacturers while experiencing the texture and appearance beyond the usual flat sample board.

The extensive line of residential building supplies also includes both interior and exterior doors from the highest quality manufacturers. The showroom is in a prime location in Central Pennsylvania for contractors, designers, and homeowners to conceptualize their specialty home remodel and work together to create beautiful projects.

Sealing the Deal

After walking your customer through the showroom to explore all their options and surround themselves with ideas for their new home remodel, you can meet privately with the homeowner to discuss their upcoming project or projects. 

By putting your customers in the center of their specialty remodeling process, you are enabling their visualization of the final project in a concrete way that goes beyond the norm of explanations and brochures.

Take advantage of one of the comfortable, quiet, and beautiful conference rooms available at The Pro Gallery by making a reservation online. Help your client get their dream home today!