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8 Quick Tips to Close More Contracting Clients

You’re eager to quote and close more potential clients. But successful contractor sales can be tricky, especially if you’ve got a lot of competition quoting the same jobs.

Don’t worry! Keep reading to discover 8 tips to help you secure more contracting jobs.  

1. Be a Friendly Contractor

Friendliness is key to gaining the trust of potential customers, especially if they are unfamiliar with your business.

If you want greater sales and more long-term relations with new clients, you must go from stranger to friend. 

To build trust, ensure communications with your customers are always honest, positive, and helpful. And when meeting in person, make sure you seize opportunities for warm smiles and handshakes. 

Here are some quick ways to impress your customers as a kind contractor:

  • Start with a friendly smile when you approach their home.
  • Listen and show interest in what they say – Always.
  • Give a free gift, such as a coupon for your services communicating via email.
  • Be encouraging; show that you are genuinely excited to help them with their project.
  • Share free resources or add information that is relevant to their project.

2. Listen to The Customer

Customers get annoyed when they have to repeat themselves. As you’re visiting their home and quoting a job, make sure to focus on what they are saying.

By paying attention to their needs, you’ll be able to tailor the best package to help them best meet their remodeling and renovation needs, and by doing so you are more likely to have more satisfied clients and better reviews or referrals.

3. Know Answers to Common Questions

As you quote more and more jobs, you’ll experience a wide array of questions from potential clients. Most of these questions will become a commonly asked question.

It would be best to have an answer prepared to help you fulfill their concerns with the right answer consistently, every time.

By knowing the info you need to know and always being prepared, you’re showing clients that your services will also be both quality and reliable.

4. Have Enthusiasm

If you’re not excited, then it will be almost impossible to make potential customers excited about working with you.

However, if you are enthusiastic and positive about the potential work, you are more likely to set a great impression with the homeowner, who will be happy and excited as well to work with you.

This is a great way to stand out from the other contractors that are more than likely getting quotes from your competition.

5. Answer Honestly

When inspecting jobs and writing up quotes, honesty is always the best strategy.

And by being up-front about what they’re going to need for a project and what the best practices are, you’re setting customers up for an experience that meets or exceeds their expectations. 

Don’t say your services are the only solution, but rather show clients that you offer a reliable option that is unique and stands out. Remember, they’re probably receiving more than one quote, so make sure you explain everything you are quoting. This will provide value to your quote and make your customers aware that you really care about the quality of their experience with your business.

6. Have A Helpful Attitude

Getting more sales is great, but don’t let that be the only goal of creating quotes. 

When you’re visiting a potential job site or home, it’s an opportunity to set yourself up as an expert and that you’re there to help. 

Here are some questions to consider:

  • Does my quote include valuable information potential clients would appreciate or that they need for safety/structural reasons?
  • If my services don’t match their needs, can I refer them to a trusted contractor so they will still have a positive experience with me? 
  • Is there any extra knowledge I can share with them to help them achieve their goals?

By having a helpful attitude, you are building up a strong reputation for your business and setting yourself up for future work with the homeowner or referral business.

7. Explain With Clarity

When creating a quote for a remodel or renovation, it is extremely important to be clear and intentional with each item, especially if the potential client is on a tight budget or confused about how your services will work well for them.

Always make sure to speak in a way the potential client can understand, and avoid industry terms unless they are expressing an interest in learning more about the project.

8. Respond Promptly and Efficiently

If a potential client contacts you after your quote, whether it be through email or your services page, the timing of your response could have a tremendous impact on what their final decision may be.  

Always make sure to reply promptly. Doing so shows them you’re truly excited to help them out.

A prompt response also shows you meant what you said in your initial sales pitch and are going to follow through. 

It also demonstrates reliability and shows respect to the customer, ensuring you aren’t going to drag your feet or waste their time. 

Never let a potential customer’s email get lost in your inbox. If you need to, set up an email organizing system or schedule times during the day when you check and reply to emails.

Making Your Quote Worthwhile

A client accepted your sales quote! Now you need to make sure they are happy with your services. 

For example, if a client leaves a negative or mediocre review, consider contacting them to see what you can do for them to give them a more positive experience. Always try to fix issues from customers that have had negative experiences. This will go a long with to improve your reputation as a local contractor.

Final Thoughts on Delivering Great Quotes

Quoting a remodeling job doesn’t have to be hard. And by following the above tips and striving for excellence, you’re setting yourself up for more success as your quote more and more jobs!

Speaking of excellence—make sure your clothes or uniforms are clean, work trucks aren’t dirty, and appearance also shines along with the tips above. These little things go a long way to make a homeowners trust and feel comfortable with you working in their homes.

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