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Jerry Leach – HBA of Metropolitan Harrisburg | The Contractors Podcast 2

This week on the Contractors Podcast presented by The Pro Gallery, Jerry Leach, the Executive Vice President of the Home Builders Association of Metropolitan Harrisburg, which covers over 300 contractors in Dauphin, Perry, Juniata and Cumberland Counties joins us. Jerry takes us on a journey through his background in the contracting world all the way up to his current role working with local contractors through the Harrisburg HBA. 

Then we dive into the role that the Harrisburg HBA plays in the local home building community and the pride they take in supporting local building industry professionals. Jerry discusses the difference in code and standards knowledge between the builders in the area that are members of the HBA and those that aren’t. This is due in-part to the training and seminars that the HBA of Metropolitan Harrisburg offers to their members.

The importance of joining the HBA in your local area include more connections with industry professionals, alignment with the HBA’s brand awareness, inside industry information direct from local leaders, peer support, and money-saving opportunities. 

The membership benefits for builders, remodelers, HVAC, plumbers, realtors, etc vary greatly from different professional types. And even though there is a yearly cost of $595, HBA membership comes with a large number of benefits and Jerry goes into the breakdown of how quickly the members see the benefits and how quickly it pays itself back for different member types.

For more member benefits of the HBA of Metropolitan Harrisburg check out their Member Benefits page.

Near the end of this week’s episode, Jerry talks about some upcoming events that members and local home buyer’s can take advantage of including the Parade of Homes in the Harrisburg Metro.