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Introducing The Contractors Podcast | The Contractors Podcast 1

Welcome to The Contractors Podcast presented by The Pro Gallery geared specifically to contractors, remodelers, and construction professionals.

We’re excited to be able to bring you weekly content from professionals and authority figures in the construction and contracting industry, as well as providing you with contractor business tips.

You’ll hear from a wide range of industry professionals on our show including:

  • Contractor and Building Association & Organization leaders
  • Building Supply Manufacturer Representatives
  • Local and Regional Industry Experts and Leaders
  • Other contracting and remodeling businesses sharing their success stories

While we are based out of Harrisburg, PA and some of our content to start will be mostly from the Central Pennsylvania region, all of the content will be relative and applicable to most of our listeners that are out-of-state.

We look forward to you following along with our new show and hope we’re able to provide you with insight, valuable tips, and success stories from other contracting businesses.

Thank you for listening and make sure to subscribe to continue hearing each episode!