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Erik Slapp from The Pro Gallery | The Contractors Podcast 3

We’re excited to have Erik Slapp from The Pro Gallery in Middletown, PA on the show this week.

The team at The Pro Gallery has been working feverishly the past year and a half to create a building supply showroom that is so much more than just another building supply store for contractors.

Erik explains how their goal was to create a place where contractors are the focus, offering design services, 24/7 showroom access, meeting rooms for client/contractor use, material ordering, product selection with customer and much more. 

The traditional building supply experience of going to a counter and just “buying what you need” and getting out is over in the Harrisburg, PA area. The Pro Gallery is here to help contractors get back to working on their jobs by allowing their customers to come to The Pro Gallery for product selection and design help.

Stop by The Pro Gallery in Middletown, PA to see their huge 7,000 square foot showroom featuring massive displays of windows, doors, siding, decking, and more!