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Contractor Podcast
The Contractor Podcast

Steven Zeigler – Interior Designer with GS Flook | The Contractors Podcast 5

Join us this week while we talk with Steven Zeigler, Interior Designer at GS Flook, as he discusses the remodeling and interior design industry in Central, PA. We talk with him about the design and remodeling process, what their customer experience looks like, and how he ensures his customers are satisfied in the long-term with...
Lee Bollinger - Harrisburg Kitchen & Bath

Lee Bollinger from Harrisburg Kitchen & Bath | The Contractors Podcast 4

Lee Bollinger from Harrisburg Kitchen & Bath joins us for episode 4 of the Contractor’s Podcast to talk about the different ways he connects and sets-up communication with his customers to ensure a positive and successful remodeling project. Covering things with the homeowner and setting the expectations of the project from the very beginning is...
The Contractors Podcast 3

Erik Slapp from The Pro Gallery | The Contractors Podcast 3

We’re excited to have Erik Slapp from The Pro Gallery in Middletown, PA on the show this week. The team at The Pro Gallery has been working feverishly the past year and a half to create a building supply showroom that is so much more than just another building supply store for contractors. Erik explains...
The Contractors Podcast 2 - HBA of Metropolitan Harrisburg

Jerry Leach – HBA of Metropolitan Harrisburg | The Contractors Podcast 2

This week on the Contractors Podcast presented by The Pro Gallery, Jerry Leach, the Executive Vice President of the Home Builders Association of Metropolitan Harrisburg, which covers over 300 contractors in Dauphin, Perry, Juniata and Cumberland Counties joins us. Jerry takes us on a journey through his background in the contracting world all the way...
The Contractor Podcast

Introducing The Contractors Podcast | The Contractors Podcast 1

Welcome to The Contractors Podcast presented by The Pro Gallery geared specifically to contractors, remodelers, and construction professionals. We’re excited to be able to bring you weekly content from professionals and authority figures in the construction and contracting industry, as well as providing you with contractor business tips. You’ll hear from a wide range of...